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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018 psychicjenniferhall.com

There is a fine line between intuition and manifestation, one that requires a deep understanding of the purpose of intuition and a true acceptance of our innate ability to navigate between the constantly changing paths inherent in this infinite potential-filled universe.  Supported by quantum psychics and required along the path to self-mastery, this spiritual reality allows us to shape and mold almost any physical root while in its energetic infancy.   


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Like branches from a vine, we are extensions of source, all love, and all wisdom.   When we seek continually to learn and grow, we prune the withered leaves and bare the fruits of our enlightenment.  The next lesson in our metaphysical series, “The Vine” is yet another metaphor for enlightenment, awakening, and spiritual connection. 

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Above all other factors, this world is based on the laws of cause and effect.  Many of us assume that this endless cycle is out of our control, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  By choosing where we “preset” our thoughts, unhooking from our addiction to the seemingly limitless cycle of intrusive threads of uncontrolled thinking, and recognizing that all cause is both moldable and obedient, we can create peaceful minds and desirable experiences. 

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The colors we are drawn to have a powerful message to share with us, a message that can support, stimulate, even redirect us along our spiritual paths to enlightenment and awakening.  In this lesson, we discuss these with the goal of inspiring you to notice, embrace, and explore the power of color.

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Original air date: 8-2-19

Defensiveness is the enemy of growth.  It is the dying breath of outmoded beliefs and gross misalignments.  It is time that we all look deep within and strive to be more changeable.  It is time that we recognize our false beliefs and indoctrination seeking to align our words, actions, and ultimately our prejudgments with the reality we claim.  We must quit fighting to defend who we have been.  We must evolve fearlessly revealing our revelations for the benefit of all.  This is the day we shift from impostors to detectors, from followers to guides, from actors to enlighteners. 

Original air date:  6/5/2020

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The way we interact with the world is important.  It shapes our lives and our self-image.  Cultivating the “right” way of interpreting our interactions and perceptions is important, but it is easily twisted into insecurity, self-centeredness, or judgement.    In lesson 164, Jennifer shares a personal experience and dives into the parts of our lives that require self-confidence, mental clarity, and open mindedness.



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You’ve been feeling the urge, the beckoning.  It’s time for change, time to seize control and create the life you truly deserve.  You’re ready, but you’ve been waiting for a sign.  Well, here it is… the kick in the a$$ you’ve been waiting for. Right now.  This moment.  Today is the day.

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We can’t grow spiritually without learning to understand our bodies.  We must heal them, care for them, and navigate the space between our new found awareness and our human paranoia.  Grab a pen. You may want to take notes.  Episode 11 is all about health, awakening, & spiritual reception. © 2021 Universal Lessons LLC, psychicjenniferhall.com

Often the thinking faculty presents itself as a beast, a rabid source of perpetual discontent.  It can be impulsive, dictatorial, and all consuming.  It can wreck our minds and our relationships.  What we must remind ourselves and each other is that our thinking natures are changeable.  We are the commanders of our minds and when we execute that power, we are capable of every form of joy, manifestation, and enlightenment. 


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There’s selfish, there’s self-centered, and then there’s self-care.  There is compartmentalization and then there’s healthy duality.  There are times we must ease things over and other times that anything less than raw and uncomfortable simply won’t do.  We need boundaries, but we also need patience and understanding.  Lesson 160, is the fifth lesson in which Jennifer speaks almost exclusively about our most critical tests in Life School, our relationships. 

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