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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018 psychicjenniferhall.com

Our mental habits define our lives, dictate joy over pain, and mandate the quality of our relationships.  They wrap us in jealousy where there should be praise and rob us of hope, understanding, and allyship.  Gaining control of this all-important element of life and self-mastery requires wrangling our thoughts and reprogramming our cognitive loops. Success in this process benefits us on every level in every part of our lives, and at the end we gift ourselves with better days, better relationships, and a heightened self-reverence that allows us to navigate all challenges with ease.

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Obligation is no reason for attachment.  If a relationship has run its course, lost its mutual respect, or grown toxic to anyone involved, it is time to let it go.  There may be history, love, even longing, but these do not always require uncomfortable conversations, the degradation of our values, or emotional blindness. Sometimes, the most loving, compassionate thing we can do for ourselves and others is to simply let them go.

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The most important purpose for you being on this planet is to discover who you truly are, but you cannot do that with negative people and negative energies around you.  Be clear, there are no vampires with the power to suck your energy away.  You are never victim to anyone else’s energy, presence, or gift.  No one has the power to curse you, beat you down, or change who you are unless you allow them to.  Every individual who is sensitive to energy has the ability and RESPONSIBILITY to shield & protect themselves. No matter how powerful someone else is, it’s YOUR energy body, and YOU can protect it.  Under no circumstances should you leave your energy & well-being rawly in the hands of any friend, love, healer, or spiritual guru. You should and must shield yourself.  “Energy Vampires” is a crash course in energetic protection, shielding, and responsibility including a detailed discussion on some of the most widely used and misused crystal tools.  © 2021 Universal Lessons LLC, psychicjenniferhall.com

Life and circumstances can all be overwhelming.  Every day we are bombarded with tasks, perceptions, expectations, and the potential pitfalls of our overly focused material goals.  What we really need is to lighten up.  We need to decide what we won’t do, where we won’t go, and what types of goals cause us more pain than good. 

When our minds are scattered its begging us to chill out, to get ourselves out of the darkness of attachment and desperation.  Its message is to shift focus to where we have no fear, to what we can control, and to that sacred space where sustainable joy can truly be found.

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The Reckoning:  I always knew that one day one of my posts would likely offend someone.  Well, it happened.  In a lesson meant to discourage the hard lean into first impressions while encouraging non-judgment and open-mindedness, one that many people thanked me for, I managed to hurt feelings and alienate myself.  This happened quickly.  Within the first few sentences, I made a first impression that led to quick harsh judgement, to me being turned off and the message left unheard.  When I imagine I am them, I understand why.  In this episode, I reflect on this experience, share the lessons I can glean, and offer a heartfelt apology.  

Anxiety is the physical manifestation of thoughts gone rouge.  It is fear we don’t want to call fear.  It is misguided self-protection.  It is your body fighting to tell you that something is wrong, fighting to get your attention.  However, anxiety has no intrinsic power.  You can destroy it with the truth.  You can free yourself of its bondage and discover a mind and life free of false expectation, free of the need to be protected by others, immersed in full light utterly aware of your own innate power and peacefulness.  The process is not magic.  Its science.  It makes good use of how your brain works while simultaneously linking you to your best and highest self.  I have helped hundreds of people overcome even their most deep seated anxieties, including myself.  I was the guinea pig, the test subject.  It worked for me, for us, and it can work for you, too.

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We get so caught up in all the things…  work, family, home, health, all of it.  It can be so much that our brains go into overload and start hopping around robbing us of the ability to be completely present and available.  This leads to stress, anxiety, even ADD or depression…. experiences that can trick us into believing we are not okay and interfere with the awareness they are just signposts attempting to get us back in the flow of mindfulness.   Yes, there are times they are more, but most often they are habits disguised as reality.  In Lesson 171, Jennifer gets in to why this happens and how we can get it under control. 

Put simply, the ultimate goal of spiritual awakening is self-mastery.  The ultimate goal in relationships?  Also, self-mastery.   Literally everything in life school, is about self-mastery.  This does not imply control.  It is choice, depth, clarity.  It is focusing on facts not impulse, emotional response, or defensiveness.  It is pausing to dissect the actions and reactions of others, to translate their misaligned thoughts, needs, words, and behaviors while choosing our own with care.  It is being who we want to be, allowing the lions to rest, and redefining our views of success.

There is a fine line between intuition and manifestation, one that requires a deep understanding of the purpose of intuition and a true acceptance of our innate ability to navigate between the constantly changing paths inherent in this infinite potential-filled universe.  Supported by quantum psychics and required along the path to self-mastery, this spiritual reality allows us to shape and mold almost any physical root while in its energetic infancy.   


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Like branches from a vine, we are extensions of source, all love, and all wisdom.   When we seek continually to learn and grow, we prune the withered leaves and bare the fruits of our enlightenment.  The next lesson in our metaphysical series, “The Vine” is yet another metaphor for enlightenment, awakening, and spiritual connection. 

© 2021 Universal Lessons LLC, lessonsfromtheuniverse.com

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