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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018 psychicjenniferhall.com

It may look subtle from the outside, but every so often we each make some kind of dramatic shift.  It may be point of view, energetic, physical direction, emotional, or an exorbitant number of other changes.  What they all have in common is, choice, trust, and progress.  What they all require is WILLINGNESS.  This week, Jennifer invites you to explore the shifts of others while you contemplate your own.

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Astral travel is a highly coveted and widely misunderstood spiritual practice.  It is often confused with lucid dreaming and oddly disregarded by the very medical professionals who accept and research out of body experiences despite the key differential being simply that one is intentionally sparked by meditation and spiritual practice while the second is an involuntary action caused by illness, drugs, or hypnosis.  In this lesson, we discuss the three key types of astral travel and their usefulness on our paths to awakening, as well as the rarely discussed practice of etheric projection.

Please note:  There is a distinct difference between the etheric body, etheric template, and the etheric plane.  In this episode, Jennifer is referring to the etheric plane.  This is the plane a step above the astral plane and is often referred to as the fifth dimension. 

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Hell is a place on earth.  It’s a place we reside in by choice.  We manifest the conditions of hell in countless ways all including one shared condition, the refusal to recognize our innate power to ascend the layers of perpetual discontent and continue human life in a state of consciousness called heaven. 

Heaven is not a perfect place.  It is a place on earth, so there will indeed be challenges.  It is a place in which we embrace growth, a place of the metaphysical Holy Trinity where body, mind, and spirit exist in balance and harmony.

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The journey to self-mastery requires an open mind, deliberate right action, and the willingness to recognize when a belief, response, or impulse no longer aligns with who we are or want to be.  It is a choice, the decision to learn and grow, to change our minds, and often to accept that we were wrong, small minded, or ignorant.  It requires not only a personal growth mindset, but an unending willingness to acknowledge that others can, will, and do evolve as well.

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The Aquarian shift is not only a shift in planetary alignment and societal behaviors, it is a blueprint for individual awakening and alchemy.  For the globe as a collective and for each awakening individual, the shift is two-sided.  It reveals the best and the worst in us simultaneously.  For society, it is the release of 2,000 years of conditioning in which we were programed to follow authority and exist without questioning.  For the individual, it is the release of all that lays contrary to our deep inner knowing that all the wisdom in the Universe lays within us, that the hierarchy of power is no longer spiritual slavery, and that any darkness we see only reveals itself to be purified and released. 

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We have the innate power to overcome our human limitations, fears, and worries.  We have brain waves called theta that are both measurable scientifically and capable of helping us transcend beyond the beta waves that default to overly human concerns.  Tapping into this part of our brains and way of thinking is required for peace of mind, and clarity of insight, as well as, the reception and interpretation of viable intuition.  In this lesson, we discuss this essential gateway to authentic living and spiritual enlightenment.

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Simply put, the study of Metaphysics is an exploration of the deeper meanings of life, experience, even myth and religious history.  It is a glimpse "beyond the physical" to the deeper esoteric messages that speak to the true nature of our existence and our relationship to higher self.   Metaphysics is a map to awakening. 

In this special episode of Lessons from the Universe, we continue our series of metaphysical story telling with the story of the three wise men.  Join me now for a little history, some metaphysics, personal inspiration, and a Christmas story that goes more than just a little bit differently than most assume... © 2020 Universal Lessons LLC

Words matter, every single one of them.  The Universe is listening, every minute, all the time.  The same way that Alexa and Facebook and all the algorithms control what you see by examining what you click, search, and say, the Universe takes your every thought and displays before you the life you create.  It is based on the preponderance of thought, the conversation you cultivate within all day every day.  It is your responsibility to dissect your very nature and nourish the thoughts aligned with your true desires, because you are the cause, and no amount of prayer or mediation can make up for a mind set on chaos, loss, or self-destruction.

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Habitual reactions take many forms… defensiveness, anger, blame, jealousy, and other “shadows” that rob us of our peace.  Born of our internal dialogue, feed by our emotions, and grown fat in the dark, we hide these parts of ourselves instead of embracing, dissecting, and healing them.  Deep down it is fear.  Fear of how we perceive ourselves.  Fear that we will reveal that we are sad, wounded, weak, or in pain.  Fear that we are less than perfect and incapable of being everything to everyone all the time.  Freedom from this darkness is the key to enlightenment.  It requires self-examination and brutal honesty.  It requires the acceptance that life school is constant and that all challenges are to be embraced with gratitude and heighten expectation.  It requires self-discipline and rewards the release of indignance with peace, acceptance, and light.

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Unconditional love has more to do with personal enlightenment than it does with other people.  Unconditional love is about awakening, self-validation, and changeability.  It is about taking personal responsibility while allowing the individuals we share life with to be exactly who they are and strive to achieve their own alignment to highest self in their own time, in their way, and at their own pace.


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