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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018 psychicjenniferhall.com

Intelligence and knowledge may fail you, but wisdom will not.  Wisdom is built across a lifetime.  It is observation, experience, and reflection.  It is patience, clarity, and the marriage of personal growth and intrapersonal interaction.  Without a focused and intentional life built upon the continual pursuit of wisdom and the personal evolution it demands, life falls short, regret takes hold, and awakening is stifled. 


“The primary difference between the two words is that wisdom involves a healthy dose of perspective and the ability to make sound judgments about a subject while knowledge is simply knowing. Anyone can become knowledgeable about a subject by reading, researching, and memorizing facts. ... Wisdom is knowing when to say it.” – dictionary.com


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Mercury Retrograde is the most widely discussed planetary retrograde, because it happens most often.  Despite its “popularity”, it is widely misunderstood, often exaggerated, and rarely utilized to its full potential.  In this lesson, we discuss what to expect, how to deal with the challenges, and how to make the most of this retrograde’s targeted focus. 

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Time itself is a human construct.  It can be bent and stretched, and yet so many of us walk through this life controlled by, victim to, or even in fear of the passage time.  Do not allow yourself to buy in to anyone else’s misconceptions.   The truth is life is not too short, children do not grow too quickly, and there truly is enough time for everything you actually want to do. It is the release of control that gives us mastery, and in that mastery lies one of the most essential keys to our awakenings. 

In “Let’s Go Swing on the Swings”, we discuss time… the passage of, the use of, the value, and the SLOWING of time.  We will explore strategies, attitudes, pitfalls, & the true rewards of time management as both a spiritual and truly human necessity.   Each of us has the ability to not just embrace, but to maximize and stretch time as well.  We truly can be present, experience, enjoy, get the job done, and still find the time to swing on the swings! 

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Each and everyone of us has innate access to all truth, all knowledge, and all wisdom.  While this excess may be muted upon our first breaths, it remains with us always waiting patiently to be accessed once again.  The key to this realignment is to untangle our conformist beliefs, release our dependence on false consistencies, and to instead reimagine ourselves and our realities as who we really are instead of who our families, educations, religions, and experiences have cast us to be.

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Lesson 142 is a reminder that all things are constantly working together towards our Highest Good even when it is almost impossible to believe.  In this episode, Jennifer speaks candidly about our world, government, American History, and Covid with the spiritual message in the forefront and a genuine attempt to remain nonpartisan.  As always, the central message is hope.

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Truth & Honesty are irreplaceable requirements along the path to awakening.  The truth is sourced from love and ignites change, while lies are rooted in fear.  It’s simple really... Lies deaden our connections, while truth ignites them. There may be pain, but it will never be as great as the harm caused by continued dishonesty.  The choice to be truthful and honest effects every single person, experience, and aspect of our lives, but above all others, we must first & foremost be honest with ourselves. After all, if you can’t trust you, you’ll never trust anyone else.

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Joy is an integral part of self-mastery.  Every time we allow ourselves to laugh, to smile, & to appreciate the humor of life, we change who we are on a deep, even cellular, level.  Joy allows us to rewrite the very structure of this human instrument and become something more beautiful than we were before.  Even if the world around us is crumbling, we can recognize that we are not the world…  We can focus on the beauty within, that was, and that remains.   We can allow that seed to grow from recognition, to observation, to JOY.  After all, if we can’t laugh at who we were and where we’ve been, we’re kind of missing the whole point. © 2020 Universal Lessons LLC, lessonsfromtheuniverse.com

Original air date:  11-9-18

To forgive is to release yourself from negative mental, emotional, and spiritual side effects. It is not condoning, accepting, or validating anything other than your own path and progress. It is personal freedom.  Forgiveness does not require confrontation.  It is, in fact, the release of the need for confrontation, because to forgive is to untie yourself from the very people, places, and circumstances that caused you harm.  This lesson is designed to set you free, not by magic, but by handing you the key to the cage and the skills to untie the very ropes that bind you.  No one holds two ends of the rope. Drop your end. Untwist. Untie. Be free. Join me as we delve into what it truly means to FORGIVE.

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In Warming the Ice, we discuss an alternative technique for releasing our stress, strain, and depression while we set ourselves free from old stored worries, concerns, and experiences.  In this episode, Jennifer shares a client experience, as well as her own, leads us through the development of our own ice warming self-guided meditations, touches on hypnosis, and reminds us that while freedom does require patience, it is, without a doubt,  available to us all.

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We can’t grow spiritually without learning to understand our bodies.  We must heal them, care for them, and navigate the space between our new found awareness and our human paranoia.  Grab a pen. You may want to take notes.  “Health and the Awakening Soul” is all about health, awakening, & spiritual reception.

Original Air Date 4/6/18

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