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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018 psychicjenniferhall.com

Sacred love is about so much more than just seeking the divine in another person.  It is about seeking the divine in ourselves as well.  It is the decision to offer grace and to purse it.  It is the selflessness to both grant equity and be willing to accept it when it is offered.  It is the continual pursuit of right thinking, and the determination required to dissect and breakdown the wall that separates us from those with which we seek true alliance.   It is the ultimate quest for self-mastery fueled by openly accepting there will many days in which it is lacking.

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Déjà vu is easy to ignore.  All too often we shake it off as coincidence or forgotten memory.  We forget that nothing is arbitrary and miss the reminders, confirmations, and warnings that déjà vu sweeps in to provide.  In truth, déjà vu is a calling.  Its nudging us ever so gently to pay attention.  It is granting us a great gift.  Sometimes the gift is small, a reminder that even the mundane is precious.  Other times, the gift is grown out past the edges of our human comprehension, the opportunity to make a day or even save a life. 

Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes people are difficult.  Sometimes we’re so annoyed we don’t even like ourselves.  In any case, there is only one thing we truly have control over.  Its us, ourselves, our thinking, our reactions, and our willingness to take responsibility for our own physical health, desire for control, and innate insecurities.  In Lesson 182, we discuss these things and more as we reflect on grace, equity, self-mastery, karmic reflections, and the ultimate goal of all spiritual practice…self mastery.

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We are mirrors, channels of higher wisdom, catalysts for positive change.  We all have the power and presence to change someone’s life or even the collective consciousness as a whole.   The Universe may use us with or without our conscious knowledge, using our image and likeness for the emotion, security, and confidence it evokes in others.  Acceptance of this divine reality is required as an awakened soul.  It is a sacred privilege to be treasured and valued.  Denial of this truth is ego not humility.   In this rewind of Lesson 58, Jennifer shares personal experiences, as well as, the understanding, knowledge, and motivation to accept this divine reality in your own lives.  © 2021 Universal Lessons LLC, psychicjenniferhall.com

Creativity is cause, the source of all things.  The key is to harness, direct, and empower the creative forces of mind to open the desired doors pushing the momentum of cause toward the endless possibilities, countless realities, and peace of mind available to us all.

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Sometimes without intention, we become victims by our own allegiance, fear, or karmic attachment.  We suffer as we continue to pursue some object, affection, validation, forgiveness, or amends that is completely unnecessary in our pursuit of self-mastery and wholeness.  Freeing the victim within is the answer.  Releasing attachment to outer approval, validation, and praise is the work.  Peace of mind is the reward.

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As we create ourselves, the desire for control rolls in dressed in many disguises.  It can “look like” righteousness, wisdom, or generosity.  It can feel like restoration, love, or selfcare, but in most cases it is us getting in our own way while hindering the evolution of others.  In Lesson 178, we continue our pursuit of self-mastery, learn to become better partners, and explore a little Ancient Egyptian Wisdom along the way.

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Our mental habits define our lives, dictate joy over pain, and mandate the quality of our relationships.  They wrap us in jealousy where there should be praise and rob us of hope, understanding, and allyship.  Gaining control of this all-important element of life and self-mastery requires wrangling our thoughts and reprogramming our cognitive loops. Success in this process benefits us on every level in every part of our lives, and at the end we gift ourselves with better days, better relationships, and a heightened self-reverence that allows us to navigate all challenges with ease.

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Obligation is no reason for attachment.  If a relationship has run its course, lost its mutual respect, or grown toxic to anyone involved, it is time to let it go.  There may be history, love, even longing, but these do not always require uncomfortable conversations, the degradation of our values, or emotional blindness. Sometimes, the most loving, compassionate thing we can do for ourselves and others is to simply let them go.

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The most important purpose for you being on this planet is to discover who you truly are, but you cannot do that with negative people and negative energies around you.  Be clear, there are no vampires with the power to suck your energy away.  You are never victim to anyone else’s energy, presence, or gift.  No one has the power to curse you, beat you down, or change who you are unless you allow them to.  Every individual who is sensitive to energy has the ability and RESPONSIBILITY to shield & protect themselves. No matter how powerful someone else is, it’s YOUR energy body, and YOU can protect it.  Under no circumstances should you leave your energy & well-being rawly in the hands of any friend, love, healer, or spiritual guru. You should and must shield yourself.  “Energy Vampires” is a crash course in energetic protection, shielding, and responsibility including a detailed discussion on some of the most widely used and misused crystal tools.  © 2021 Universal Lessons LLC, psychicjenniferhall.com

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