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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018 psychicjenniferhall.com

To forgive is to release yourself from negative mental, emotional, and spiritual side effects. It is not condoning, accepting, or validating anything other than your own path and progress. It is personal freedom.  Forgiveness does not require confrontation.  It is, in fact, the release of the need for confrontation, because to forgive is to untie yourself from the very people, places, and circumstances that caused you harm.  This lesson is designed to set you free, not by magic, but by handing you the key to the cage and the skills to untie the very ropes that bind you.  No one holds two ends of the rope. Drop your end. Untwist. Untie. Be free. Join me as we delve into what it truly means to FORGIVE.

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In Warming the Ice, we discuss an alternative technique for releasing our stress, strain, and depression while we set ourselves free from old stored worries, concerns, and experiences.  In this episode, Jennifer shares a client experience, as well as her own, leads us through the development of our own ice warming self-guided meditations, touches on hypnosis, and reminds us that while freedom does require patience, it is, without a doubt,  available to us all.

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We can’t grow spiritually without learning to understand our bodies.  We must heal them, care for them, and navigate the space between our new found awareness and our human paranoia.  Grab a pen. You may want to take notes.  “Health and the Awakening Soul” is all about health, awakening, & spiritual reception.

Original Air Date 4/6/18

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What is happy?  Why are we obsessed with it and what exactly is it that led us to believe that anything less means that we have failed some imaginary test for which we are consequently punished with whatever it is we deem its opposite?  Why do we go to such extremes and how can the relabeling of our emotions and experiences free us from depression, anxiety, fear, and the like?  In Lesson 136, we get into what happy really means, why is can be grossly overrated, plus how and why we benefit from embracing blah, quiet, bored, slow, tired, numb, and even sad.

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Spacious awareness is training the brain to have faith in Highest Good.  It is overriding the caveman brain that causes us to react, so we can truly witness and understand what is going on around us and how we actually feel about it.  It allows us to observe without being drawn in.  It’s not denial, blindness, or ignorance.  It is existing within a space that allows us to be present within any action, reaction, or experience so that we can respond with clarity.  The brain wants to jump and scream and fight, to lust, to take the easy way, or to retreat, but our brain is also a sweet child who wants to learn.  It wants limits and boundaries.  It wants information and answers to the what ifs.  It wants to learn, and it can be retrained.  In “Free Won’t”, we strive to understand, embrace, and cultivate this deep, healing freedom, so we can truly embrace this life.  After all, the true Freewill is CHOICE , and it is Spacious Awareness that gives us the space to choose. 

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You possess the power to align your mind, actions, and perspective with the truth of who you are, and that power lies in the decision to accept, create, and facilitate change.  You can choose to think differently, to respond differently, and to create new habits.  It all starts with one tiny choice and is magnified by every other.  It is easier than you think.  The only real question is, are you ready? 

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Original Air Date:  3/8/19

Inspired by an ancient piece of art, this episode explores a Taoist take on life, one where we flow with ease from place to place, choice to choice, and even past the crisis and dis-ease to peace, calm, and joy.  We discuss the difference between our divinity and our humanness, our wisdom and our ego, our intuition and our bullsh*t and explore what it takes to become a voice for the Universe. 

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Original air date:  March 16, 2018

Sometimes we feel blue.  We may catch ourselves stuck in worry, discontent, or a feeling that is best described as “empty”.  We must remember, that this is not a cage.  It is an opportunity.  If we take it apart, become stewards of our thinking and experts in the intricacies of our own human machines, these moments will become easier to navigate and fewer and far between.  In this timely rewind lesson, we discuss the often overlooked reasons for the blues, their role in life school, and how to escape the darkness.

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In the past few weeks, I have heard more individuals complain about their lack of motivation that ever before.  With that in mind, I invite you to revisit “Apathy is a Four Letter Word” renamed to invoke it’s new intention…the realization that we no longer need to be confined to the prison of your own creation, because the prison itself exists only within the confines of our own limited thinking.  In this rewind edition, I invite you to shatter the glass ceiling you have placed over your life, so opportunity & motivation can find you© 2018 Universal Lessons LLC, lessonsfromtheuniverse.com

Original Air Date:  12-14-18

“Globing” is a strategy I created out of desperation.  I needed to free myself from false fears and what I call “floating memories”.  In the years since, I have shared this strategy with hundreds of clients and watched them learn, grow, and thrive in the process.  The end result is a new beginning built on the freedom, consistency, and peace of mind born from the alignment of thought, belief, attitude, and action.  In the process, we gain clarity and discover who we really are.  We regain our power and hasten our evolution.  With Mercury Retrograde on our tails and the alignment called for by 2020 itself, I hand this tool to you in Lesson 109. 

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Original launch date:  2-14-2020

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