It’s so easy to get caught up in all the drama, worries, and requirements of this earthly life, but there are some inalienable truths that can set you free, release you from the fear of wasted time, the traps of old choices, and the clutches of negative people.  Have you considered that maybe it’s simple?  Maybe you’re just caught up in the habit of perpetual discontent, maybe you’ve forgotten that you are worthy of real joy, or maybe you just don’t like the a**hole friends you’ve chosen.  You CAN release people, rework your view of the world, and choose your something better.  It’s simple really… Take care of you, your energy, and your space.  Accept your worthiness.  Enjoy the earthly things.  And, at every turn, good, bad, or different, ask yourself the two questions most vital to your spiritual awakening, “What do I learn?” and “How do I grow?” 

“In honor of our 40th week on the air and first full week PodBean feature, Lessons from the Universe™ with Jennifer Hall is presenting a “Rewind Episode” each day this week! Rewind #7: Why So Serious”  

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