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Lessons from the Universe is your guide along the spiritual path to awareness and awakening. The lessons here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly want to live and love. Expect inspiration, laughter, & four letter words. © 2018

The Aquarian shift is not only a shift in planetary alignment and societal behaviors, it is a blueprint for individual awakening and alchemy. For the globe as a collective and for each awakening individual, the shift is two-sided.  It reveals the best and the worst in us simultaneously.  For society, it is the release of 2,000 years of conditioning in which we were programed to follow authority and exist without questioning.  For the individual, it is the release of all that lays contrary to our deep inner knowing that all the wisdom in the Universe lays within us, that the hierarchy of power is no longer spiritual slavery, and that any darkness we see only reveals itself to be purified and released. 

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Without fail, individuals on a spiritual path realize that where they are is a stepping stone.  They begin to evolve into new ways of thinking, and therefore, new ways of representing themselves in the world.  This shift adds to the collective unconscious and the stronger that underlying foundation becomes the more willing the fearful become.  This willingness allows us to switch the patterns, change the architypes, and deeply saturate our overall collective consciousness with truth.  Each of us has the ability to become a door for this truth, a voice for the Universe, and the more we learn, grow, and evolve the greater this potential becomes. 

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The words “I love you” are both the pinnacle of human experience and the distraction many Zen, Buddhist, and Taoist teachers warn us to avoid.  Real love is not a noun.  It is a verb.  It is an action of flowing energy that connects us all and is most perfectly expressed when guided by equanimity to the action and reactions of the thoughtful partner who both expresses and receives guidance with empathy and respect. Love challenges us and inspires us. It is a spiritual practice at the highest levels of Life School requiring both nonattachment and compromise. 

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You can absolutely without fail transform your life, your physical body, and your experience in the world. We come here, in this earthly form to face challenges head on, to learn from them, and to deeply recognize that we are the creators of our own experience. The key is alchemy, transmutation, the willingness to recognize, confront, and transcend all that holds us back and willingly, joyfully replace it. It is a continual process throughout awakening and throughout our entire human existence. It is never ending, but it does grow continuously simpler and more rewarding. In this special rewind episode, we discuss physical alchemy, cellular renewal, and how we can speed up the awakening process by renewing the physical, as well as, the spiritual body.

Podcast 22 originally aired 6/21/18.

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Lazarus represents that part of us that the average “sleep walker” simply ignores, that part of our consciousness that is pure divinity. It is the spiritual part of us that must be called into life, presence, and power every single day.  Too many of us are trapped in sense consciousness, wrapped in the trimmings of spirituality, all while neglecting the true inner process.  In Podcast 69, you are invited to commit to the daily resurrection of the Lazarus within, the awakening of your Higher Self, and the spiritual alignment that allows that awareness to drive your human machine, power your awakening, and enliven your life.

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To be a good mother, a good parent, a good steward for the potential of an innocent, you must first fall in love with your own life.  You must LOVE IT… not because it’s perfect, it won’t be…  not because you have all your desires, you won’t.  You must love it, because that presence, power, and point of view are the greatest gifts that you can possibly give to your child. Remember, they will not learn from what you say.  They will learn from who you are.  Let’s make that the best possible versions of ourselves.  Not perfect.  Perfect is boring.  Let’s aim for genuine and compassionate.  Let’s focus on strong and light, funny and interested.  Let’s grow and let them watch.

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Lesson 67 is a discussion inspired by my son's mediocre apple washing endeavor… Energetic clearing and the all too neglected blessing of oneself and environment are vital spiritual exercises. However, they have become so trendy, that many who dabble in the practice are misinformed, under informed, or perhaps not informed at all.  In “Veggie Wash” we chat about the tools and techniques necessary for CLEARING & BLESSING you and your environment. 

Like all spiritual practice it’s simpler than you think! 

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We came to Life School on purpose, so we could learn more about who we are…that spiritual perfection striving to align itself with human reality.  THIS is Life School, and it is perfect.  It can be hard or sad.  It can make us angry or make us bleed.  It can make us afraid, but it can also make us excited, joyful, orgasmic. It is a rollercoaster, a journey. If it seems a battle, it is a battle with only one opponent…ourselves.  Here, our primary goal is to learn so much about “ourselves” that we overcome this body, these people, this moment in history and all human limitations that mask our divinity.   

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Sometimes we feel blue.  We may catch ourselves stuck in worry, discontent, or a feeling that is best described as “empty”.  We must remember, that this is not a cage.  It is an opportunity.  If we take it apart, become stewards of our thinking, experts in the intricacies of our own human machines, these moments will become easier to navigate and fewer and far between.  In Lesson 65, we discuss the often overlooked reasons for the blues, their role in life school, and how to escape the darkness.

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