There are a lot of reasons people reject their spiritual gifts.  Some assume they are crazy or egoic.  Others don’t even realize what’s happening.  And, all too often, the gifted allow their gifts to lay idle, because they are unsure, fearful, or truly exhausted.  Episode 9 is designed to crush some common misconceptions and set you on the path to deep acceptance of your own personal spiritual giftedness.  Spiritual gifts featured in the episode include clairvoyance, mediumship, and the all-important path of the empath. 

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The problem is we wake up in this flesh suit and we don’t remember how to do it, so we start taking it in right through the center of our being where it is exhausting and destructive… That is doing it backwards.  We are not supposed to be doing the work.  We are here to learn, to grow, to be fed, not to be stripped away.  An empath is actually a little opening in the human world for the Universe to be magnified, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and all that requires is WILLINGNESS.  It is something we allow, not something we do.


You are not the sunshine.  You are the crystal hanging in the window.  The sun shines through the crystal and creates rainbows.  The rainbows do the work.  All the crystal really has to do is keep itself clear and allow the Divine Light of the Universe to shine through. 


BE CLEAR, our spiritual gifts should never ever destroy us!


You are here to be a Wi-Fi hotspot, a lighthouse for Divine Light, Wisdom, and Clarity…to be part of that net we create together that reaches around the world and raises the vibration of the entire Universe.


All religions, all paths exist on a continuum of truth, each one designed to get any individual as close to the Truth as possible.

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